My Intention & Vision

My Intention is to Empower Women, All women and create a Community where we Empower each other. My Main Intention is to bring 10,000 Women in the first instance to partake in the Launch of My new Programme "The Success Mindset" These 10,000 Women by taking Part in the Launch will be contributing towards Helping Raise awareness, funding and help ending Domestic Abuse & Violence. 

Many Women Knowingly and Unknowingly are Living with Abusive partners. And many women don't know what help is available to them. Many Women don't know that support & help is there even when still living with the Abuser. 

Why 10000 Women? It is said that 10000 Like minded souls who come together with the same intention (in this case Raising Awareness & Ending Domestic Abuse & Violence) Can Change Global Events.

As a Survivor of Domestic Abuse & Violence, I am very determined to make a difference, I want to give back, but also create a safe place where women can focus on themselves.

The Success Mindset Programme is Designed for Women by a Woman regardless if you are experiencing or experienced Domestic Abuse or Violence.

So My Intention is to provide this programme, In Person to All Staff & Service Users of East Lothian & Midlothian & Borders Womens Aid for FREE!